Jazz Silhouettes Trio

This is our standard setup, including everything we need to get the party started:

  • Jazz trio - double bass, guitar, vocals

  • 2 x 45 minutes of music

  • Pick our songs from the repertoire

  • HQ PA system

Jazz Silhouettes big band

Adding our drummer and a trumpet player to your show will get everybody on the dance floor, while the male and female vocals will complement each other singing duets and harmony lines. 

  • Big Band - female vocals, male vocals, trumpet, upright bass , guitar and drums

  • 2 x 45 minutes of live music

  • Song requests from our repertoire

  • High quality PA system


You can choose to upgrade our standard setup adding these options:

  • Extra time (2x60 min, 3x45 or 3x60)

  • Extra Musician (Drums, Trumpet, Sax)

  • Upgraded PA system (2 x 100 watts)

  • Song requests outside our repertoire (up to 3 per event)


You can upgrade your big band option by adding:

  • Extra time (2x60 min, 3x45 or 3x60)

  • Upgraded PA system (2x100 Watts)

  • Song requests outside our repertoire (up to 3)

  • Dj Set

  • Party Lights

Arrival, set up and soundcheck


We will set up as quickly and as discretely as possible as soon as we arrive on site, liaising with the event organiser.

Usually, our set up and sound check doesn't take more than an hour, but it's essential for us to guarantee we are going to play with the best volume and sound for your event.

If you would like us to arrive a lot earlier than our set time (usually before 5pm), this can also be arranged for an additional cost.

After set up


As soon as we finish our sound check, we will put on some selected background music and leave the performance area. It's important for us to have a room where we can store our gear cases and get changed during this time.

Usually, this is also the right time for us to have our hot meal and drinks, which will be included in the contract. If there's not enough time to get food and we need to start playing straight away, we can also have food during our break or as soon as we finish the whole performance: this can be arranged with the event manager.

First live set

After our first set, we will leave the performance area and take a break, leaving our background music on. If you choose to upgrade to our DJ set, our DJ will be there during this time to take requests and make announcements on the microphone. Usually when we play at weddings, this is the perfect time for serving the buffet.

Second live set & end of the night

When we finish our second set, we will pack up as discretely as possible. If you would like us to wait and put some more background music on after we finish, this can also be arranged.

Usually the pack up doesn't take more than half an hour when we are playing as a trio.



Giovanni Cresseri

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Francesca Confortini

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