This is a list of the questions we have been asked in our previous bookings - if there is anything else you would like to know, please feel free to email us at

How much space do you need? 

When we are playing only as a trio, we won't require more than 3x2m. If you choose to have a bigger band, especially if there is a drummer, we will need a bit more space. It's also essential for us to have a power supply close enough - we will bring extensions.

When is the best time for you to play at an event? 


We can play at any time - show us your event plan and we'll be happy to give you a hand and organise the best time for us to perform!

Can I pick all the songs? 

We can provide our ideal set list for the night in advance and show it to our clients, so they can tell us if they would like to substitute or change any songs at any point.

Where can you travel? 

We can travel everywhere as long as the costs are covered, although usually if the performance is located more than 4 hours away from London, we will ask for the client to provide an accommodation or cover accommodation costs.

Can I see you play live? 

Definitely! Our live public shows tend to be in London as this is where we are normally based. We currently mainly perform at private events or weddings, but if you would like us to tell you when our next gig is, we will send you an invitation!

Will you learn our special song? 

You can choose up to 3 songs for us to learn and play, as long as you do it and tell us at least two weeks before the show, as we need some time to organise a rehearsal for them. If you would like us to learn more than 3 songs, every additional one will have a separate cost of £60 if it's not part of our repertoire.

How can I book the band? 

Just fill the online form  - it won't take more than a couple of minutes - and we will get back to you with a free quote as soon as possible.
Alternatively, you can contact us directly:

Giovanni Cresseri

+44 (0) 7761740117

Francesca Confortini

+44 (0) 7547979278

What can you do in between sets? 

We can either DJ between our sets, or  put some background music on. Take a look at our "What we do" section and find out more!

Can we make DJ requests in advance to my event? 

Definitely, we can have a playlist ready for your event with all your requests. 

Can we use your microphone and sound system for speeches? 


What equipment do you use? 


We can either bring our normal amps (suitable for an event with up to 150-200 guests) or a bigger PA system (up to 300Watts) according to your needs.

What about lights? 

We can provide them as well, they're part of our additional services

How long are your sets? 

We usually play two 45 minute sets, but other durations can be arranged (see our "What we do" section). 

How long does it take for your band to set up? 

Usually it won't take more than half an hour to set up our trio; for our bigger set ups, we will need one hour.

Is there a deposit to be paid? 

Yes, it will be paid in order to secure the booking and it's not refundable. 

Can my sisters/bosses/colleagues etc sing with your band? 

Absolutely, just let us know in advance and we will get the stage ready for your guests!

What will you wear? 

We are usually wearing a similar outfit to the one you can see in our videos, or anything "Gatsby style". If you have a specific dress code for your event, please let us know in advance. 

Does the band have a valid PLI certificate and is the equipment PAT tested? 

Yes and yes!

Why should I book Jazz Silhouettes? 

Whether it is your private party, your wedding, your company's event or simply your jazz music evening, we are always there ready to set the right mood for  the night. 
Our clothes, our choice of songs, our instruments and our expertise will create a proper retro atmosphere and the additional value is given by the modern pop hits that everyone will recognise!

Can we have a look at some previous clients' testimonials? 

You can read a few testimonials here.

Do Jazz Silhouettes have any specific requirements? 

We generally ask for our band members to be provided with a hot meal and beverages. Please note that one member is allergic to mushrooms! Additionally, we would also require to have a room to store our cases and get changed, possibly with heating and a mirror.

What type/size venues are you able to play at? 

We can play in any venue, and we'll be able to adapt our PA to any situations. 

How loud will the band be? 

It depends on the lineup you choose: as an acoustic trio, we are perfect for a quieter night or a background reception, but if you choose to book us with a drummer you should definitely get ready for the dance floor!

What is the band power requirement? 

We usually bring our two main amps (150 and 800Watts max) - if you require us to have a bigger system or additional instruments or lights, we will need more power.

Do Jazz Silhouettes offer any additional services? 

You can choose to book us as a roaming band, or completely acoustic. This is perfect for a music surprise! 

We have also been working with a solo pianist in the past, appearing right after his background performance - get in touch if you would like to know more.



Giovanni Cresseri

+44 (0) 7761740117

Francesca Confortini

+44 (0) 7547979278


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